An opportunity to support artists this holiday season.  

I would like to offer, for this holiday season, high quality prints on canvas

of selected pieces of my original art.  These prints are 16"x20" (or 20"x16" depending on the

piece orientation) with black edges, ready for hanging.  I am offering these prints for $100 each

plus shipping (generally under $20 to most parts of the country).


If you see an image you would like to order please email me at  

and describe the image, Credit cards, PayPal and Venmo are accepted.  Please allow 10 days for delivery.   

Thank you and happy holidays!! 

White Horse 16x20
red horse 16x20 - 1.jpg
indian blanket 16x20 - 1.jpg
abstract red horse 16x20 - 1.jpg
poppis 20x16 - 1.jpg
calla lillies 20x16 - 1.jpg
peruvian poppies 16x20 - 1.jpg
poppy 20x16 - 1.jpg
old town auburn 16x20 - 1.jpg
carcassonne 16x20 - 1.jpg
industrial 16x20 - 1.jpg
cactus 20x16 - 1.jpg
crow 20x16 - 1.jpg
giraffe 20x16 - 1.jpg
Blue Donkey 20x16 - 1.jpg
elephants 20x16 - 1.jpg
circus girl 16x20 - 1.jpg
sisters 16x20 - 1.jpg
woman by the sea 16x20 - 1.jpg
dancer 16x20 - 1.jpg