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Roxanne Fawcett
creative art & design

Roxanne has worked as an artist and designer for over 30 years in a variety of creative disciplines; architectural and landscape design, illustration, art direction, mixed media and ceramics, but her main passion has always been painting. Done in a quasi-representational style, she uses acrylic paint on canvas or paper, playing with different media applied with brushes, pallet knives, fingers, squirt bottles, rollers, scrapers...whatever looks like it will make interesting texture.


She generally paints in series...exploring the potential of each thought, taking inspiration from the natural world. The evolution of an image or an idea, working from different perspectives and directions can lead to really exciting work. Seeing a body of work evolve from one piece to the next is an adventure in and of itself!

Roxanne's work hangs in private homes, galleries, wineries and corporate offices throughout the US and Canada.   

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